robotic process automation (rpa) software

Robotic Process Automation

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to the technology that allows regular people to configure computer software that copies and incorporate human actions within digital systems to execute business processes. RPA bots use user interfaces to get data and manipulate applications like humans. They also interpret and prompt responses in addition to communicating with other systems to perform a range of repetitive tasks.

Some of these tasks include logging into applications, generating automatic email responses, and scraping browsers, among many more. Cost and compliance become byproducts of Automation because RPA robots do not sleep nor make mistakes.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software

Robotic Process Automation software is a digital product that is used in deploying robots into third-party applications. RPA software is key to modern business operations as it can be used in any facet of an organization where manual processes are in place. They contain some artificial intelligence that enables them to make human-like decisions. They also allow users to build workflows for bots to follow using development environments or recording capabilities. They essentially automate tasks for employees. There are loads of RPA software out there, but we will be taking a look at a few.

Automation Anywhere Vs. UiPath

As far as RPA’s go, Automation Anywhere can be described as the most prominent and robust RPA vendors out there. It is a revolutionary technology that combines conventional RPA with native artificial intelligence (AI), which helps in reading any unstructured data and understanding natural language. It is essentially a web-based management system that offers continuous Automation, provides practical insights. It allows for customization and building of a platform to improve it. Automation Anywhere provides simplicity and high-class security and is the first company with a native cognitive, analytics, and Bot Store.

UiPathis on the other hand, is a Windows desktop (RPA) Software that is designed to enable business analysts to become more productive with their tasks. It based on an on-premise and cloud deployment method and contains less code like .net, scripting language, and centers on flow chart based activities. It allows users to execute a lot of tasks like deployment management and execution, among others.

UiPath offers excellent customer experience, increased productivity, and improved management capability. UiPath allows for easy control of automated business processes that encourage minimal cost of operation in addition to providing better care of usage of IT resources. Some of the additions that come with UiPath include advanced screen scraping solution, application compatibility, hosting options, and security measures.

Comparing Automation Anywhere & UiPath

  • Automation Anywhere is script based while UiPath employs visual process designers.
  • Automation Anywhere uses client-server based architecture while UiPath employs cloud-based architecture.
  • As far as the installation process goes, installing Automation Anywhere can be a very trying installation process when the architecture is not a standalone installation. It is a lot better with UiPath, which has a great studio.
  • The cost of deployment in Automation Anywhere is high while there is great entry-level pricing in UiPath.
  • Automated Anywhere has the capacity to manage large scale robot deployment. It is different from UiPath, though, as debugging highlights break in all types of projects.
  • UiPath is web-based and does not require coding. It has a user-friendly process designer that has drag-drop functionality. It supports Native to OCR, various Cloud options, and Role-based access control.
  • UiPath also provides multi-tenancy so users can separate the control room into several areas.  
  • Automate Anywhere uses a developer-friendly, client-server-based architecture that offers flexibility in the analysis of processed data. It also has limited large scale robot deployment but makes up for that with the “Record and Play” feature that facilitates development. 
  • Automate Anywhere supports MODI, TOCR, and external OCR Engines and provides a centralized admin web-based dashboard that handles runtime Bot monitoring and tracking the activity.
  • With Automated Anywhere, users get access meta bot feature like the integration of DLLs, creating re-usable components and perform offline development   
  • Both softwares have Macro Recorders, a feature that facilitates process mapping. Both UIPath and Automation Anywhere are well-known, trustworthy companies. But their code is closed source.

Blue Prism vs. UiPath

Blue Prism is built on Microsoft. net framework. It enhances investment applications, enterprise, and infrastructure data repositories and the secure sharing of data. It is used in various industries like consumer packaged goods, public sectors, finance and insurance, utilities, and healthcare.

Blue prism removes rogue IT initiatives from business operations without making repositories of new data. It is the preferred technology when rapid business process automation is concerned. It allows organizations to adopt new technologies promptly; it preserves the integrity of data while providing self-service capabilities to NHS business houses. Let’s look at how it compares to UiPath. 

  • While UiPath is unable to cut through a process to make dynamic changes, blue prism provides users with the option of dynamic interaction while debugging. 
  • Both software allows data tables or collections, although it is easier to work with structured data when using Blue Prism.  
  • Blue Prism is better at the system to system integration than UiPath. 
  • In terms of learning features, visual design is used for UiPath, while Blue Prism provides the ability to control and develop. 
  • In terms of accuracy, UiPath is excellent in the Citrix environment, which is designed for BPO automation. It also allows front office and back-office Automation. On the other hand, Blue Prism is available for web, desktop, and Citrix automation, but it only provides back-office Automation. 
  • UiPathuses web-based orchestrator architecture, while blue prism uses a client-server architecture.  
  • Free online training and certification programs are available with UiPath. Blue Prism only provides a certification program. 
  • Both softwares integrate well with day to day applications like Word, Excel, and other desktop applications. They also provide advanced features while integrating with web pages containing Java and JavaScript.


The importance of RPA robots to every organization cannot be over emphasised. As stated above, they help to interprete and promopt responses while communicating with other systems to perform a range of repetitive tasks.

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