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    Cloud Migration Consultants and Partners

    MindsMapped helps organizations migrate to the cloud and free-up resources by lowering IT costs while improving productivity, operational resiliency, and business agility. From strategy to migration, and operations, we’ll help you maximize the value of your cloud computing efforts based on your environment and business needs.

    Whether you are looking to migrate to the cloud, or already in the cloud and seeking to optimize its usage, schedule your consultation today to learn how we can add real value.

    Cloud Migration Consulting Services

    MindsMapped is a leading migration partner with the three leading public cloud vendors

    If you’re moving to the cloud for the first time, we’ll help you determine which of the leading cloud providers is right for each of your use cases.

    As your Cloud Migration Partner, MindsMapped can identify and help build a roadmap to transform and migrate legacy applications and databases to the cloud and once you’re securely in the cloud, we can help you determine ways to maximize your cloud investment through cloud-native technologies.

    On prem to cloud including AWS Migration requires a strategic approach and profound experience to drive the desired results – it could be complex, time-consuming, ineffective and expensive for an organization with no prior experience. 


    MindsMapped is a on AWS Migration partner with deep industry knowledge and expertise to deliver transformative solutions for your unique infrastructure needs. We have created a cloud maturity roadmap to help organizations plan, design and implement on prem to cloud efficiently with measurable goals in every stage of implementation. 


    Also, we leverage our legendary On Demand Service model to deliver high-quality cloud migration services quickly and cost-effectively, at minimal risk to our clients.

    On prem to Azure Migration services includes steps like Preparation of Azure Network for on-prem replication, Migration of on-Prem to Azure, Migration of On-Prem Windows Servers to Azure and Migration of AWS instances to Azure. 


    We can also provide Disaster Recovery (DR) Architecture for Azure platform.  With DR set up, Azure VMs continuously replicate from to a different target region. If an outage occurs, we can fail over VMs to the secondary region, and access them from there. When everything’s running normally again, we can fail back and continue working in the primary location.

    A 5-Step Strategy :

    When planning our migration strategy to GCP, Google advises the organization to follow these five steps.

    A sequential approach to cloud migration

    1. Assess

    Evaluate applications and workloads’ suitability to the Google Cloud. 

    1. Pilot

    Take one or two applications, preferably from the “easy to move” bucket, and migrate them.

    1. Move Data

    Google advises moving all Organization data to the cloud first, then moving the rest of the applications. Consider the storage tiers offered by Google Cloud Storage (Standard, NearLine Storage and ColdLine Storage), SSDs vs. regular hard disks, and database services like Google Cloud SQL, Datastore and Bigtable.

    1. Move Applications

    If we can, perform a direct “lift and shift” of Organization’s applications to Google Cloud. For example, by creating a local virtual machine representing Organization’s workload and importing it as a Google VM, or backing up our app to GCP and thus automatically creating a cloud copy. If a simple option is not possible, consider rebuilding applications in the cloud with a combination of custom VMs and GCP infrastructure services.

    1. Optimize

    Now that applications are running in the cloud, consider ways to make them better:

    We should make our apps redundant across GCP availability zones, Plan for disaster recovery using Google Cloud BackupSet up elasticity with autoscaling groups.

    Set up monitoring for Organization’s workloads with Google Stackdriver

    Move static assets to cold storageUse Google’s Deployment Manager to launch and scale new instances

    If your requirement is just additional AWS resources such as AWS Architects and/or Developers to satisfy your on prem to cloud migration activities, we can help too. Our AWS Developers and Architects can work for you directly onsite or from our location based on your requirement. Get a Certified AWS Consultant for enhancement activities in your infrastructure. All time tracked with full transparency, on digital timesheets. Can set monthly or weekly maximums for budgeting purposes.


    Billing by the hour. 

    From $150 / hr, pay as you go, for Certified AWS Consultants


    Our AWS practitioners’ skills span the full range of the AWS Platform, with expertise across several industry domains including Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail and more.. 

    Our experienced AWS Architects and Developers provide deep architectural and implementation knowledge in AWS solution design, development, information architecture, testing and support. As the key Cloud Migrastion strategic partner, we assist our clients with program inception, program management, organizational change management, change control, iteration planning/management, process and requirements definition, implementation, systems integration, test automation and execution, data migration, reporting/analytics and deployment. 

    Keep Your Cloud instance Bug-Free and Attain Higher Operational Competence


    Bugs and software failures can be detrimental to customer engagement and hinder progress. You have the power to prevent it. Allow MindsMapped AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Quality Assurance professionals to remove the quirks and mitigate risk. Our highly-qualified cloud platform QA testing team will ensure that your products deliver the right value to your users.

    MindsMapped offers a broad range of cloud testing services which include:

    • Cloud manual and automated testing
    • Cloud functional testing comprising of unit and process testing
    • Cloud security testing
    • Tool evaluation and cloud-readiness testing before the cloud migration
    • Role based testing for ensuring compatibility with the organizational profile policies
    • Regulatory compliance validation
    • Cross browser compatibility testing
    • Identification of potential bottlenecks and roadblocks while ensuring consistency of data
    • API testing for integrated 3rd party applications


    If you are a business that is looking to become more efficient and reduce costs, with a focus on key outcomes, or just looking for a reliable Cloud Migration implementation services or consulting partner or managed services partner, get in touch with us today!

    At MindsMapped, we are committed to maximizing the potential of your IT services, by partnering with only the best in the industry.

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