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    Workday Consultants and Partners

    Workday is a cloud-based application that aids human resources, time tracking, payroll, and financial requirements, of organizations.Workday saves time, is more accurate, and has total global visibility.Workday can run our business better in CLOUD and there is no need for maintenance and upgrading. You chose Workday because it’s unlike any other HCM or financial management solution available today. Now, as you prepare for implementation, finding an experienced Workday partner will be critical. Our agile, augmented approach to implementing Workday is backed by comprehensive experience with HCM, Payroll and Financial Management deployments for small, medium and large enterprises.

    As a Workday consulting partner, we see minimal length of time to market, increased delivery efficiency and a high number of capabilities for our customers to utilize when we deliver solutions on the Workday platform, which means these projects typically result in a very high ROI.

    Learn more about our cost-effective expert Workday consulting services.  We’ll work with you to evaluate your existing practices and systems, recommend courses of action, and reach your Workday goals.

    Workday Consulting Services

    MindsMapped brings strategic thinking, the technical expertise, certified team members and the ecosystem leading support services that help clients not only deploy Workday solutions, but also teach them how to use their system most effectively.

    MindsMapped is a workday consulting partner specializing in the development, deployment of secure, cloud-based, fully customizable Workday implementations such as Workday HCM, Payroll and Financial Management for small, medium and large enterprises

    Workday® Implementation Services

    Workday implementation requires a strategic approach and profound experience to drive the desired results – it could be complex, time-consuming, ineffective and expensive for an organization with no prior experience. MindsMapped is a dedicated Workday implementation partner with deep industry knowledge and expertise to deliver transformative solutions for your unique Workday needs. Also, we leverage our legendary On Demand Service model to deliver high-quality Workday implementation services quickly and cost-effectively, at minimal risk to our clients.

    Our senior-level Workday consultants can implement and train your team on Workday HCM and Financial configurations, gap analysis, integrations, and testing. Our technical consultants provide our customers with comprehensive documentation so you’ll be able to successfully utilize Workday software even when we’re gone.

    Workday® Studio Integration

    Workday Studio is a wonderful solution for more complicated integrations and are not limited to just one data source, transformation, or destination. We can create sophisticated integrations that take several reports and Workday Web Services into account, as well as several transformations, and deliver results to several separate destinations using Workday Studio.

    For less complex situations, we can use Cloud Connect Integration or Enterprise Information Builder (EIB) Integration. Cloud Connect is a great choice if you’re using a third-party vendor for which Workday already has a solution available. If all you need to do is export or import some data into or out of Workday, EIB should work for you.MindsMapped has successfully handled integrations with a wide variety of payroll systems, benefits providers, and more.

    ERP to Workday Migration Services

    Whether it is HCM, or Finance, the implementation of a Workday system is a major undertaking and data migration is a critical and risky component. Data from multiple legacy sources such as SAP, Peoplesoft, Lawson or any other ERP needs to be extracted, consolidated, cleansed, de-duplicated, and transformed before it can be loaded into Workday. Migrated data needs to be reconciled against the legacy source data after loading to Workday. Issues with data migration will delay the entire implementation or impact Workday functionalities. If the converted data is not cleansed and standardized, the full functionality and potential Workday has to offer will not be realized. MindsMapped can help overcome these challenges. We’re able to leverage our knowledge of legacy system tools and custom development to extract, map, convert, and validate your data in the most efficient and accurate way possible.

    Workday® Developers and Project Managers

    A Workday Developer can work for you directly onsite or from our location based on your requirement. Get a Certified Workday Consultant in your Workday instance. All time tracked with full transparency, on digital timesheets. Can set monthly or weekly maximums for budgeting purposes.

    Billing by the hour

    $100 / hr, pay as you go, for Certified Workday Consultants

    Our practitioners’ skills span the full range of Workday Development, Quality Assurance, and Project Management. Our experienced Workday Developers provide deep architectural and implementation knowledge in Workday solution design, development, information architecture, testing and support.

    As the key Workday strategic partner, we assist our clients with program inception, program management, organizational change management, change control, iteration planning/management, process and requirements definition, implementation, systems integration, test automation and execution, data migration, reporting/analytics and deployment.

    Workday® Testing and Quality Assurance

    Keep Your xxx  Bug-Free and Attain Higher Operational Competence

    Workday® Quality Assurance

    Bugs and software failures can be detrimental to customer engagement and hinder progress. You have the power to prevent it. Allow MindsMapped Workday® Quality Assurance professionals to remove the quirks and mitigate risk. Our highly-qualified Workday platform QA testing team will ensure that your apps are ready and your products deliver the right value to your users.

    Companies Wanting a Bug-Free Workday® Instance

    Coping with frequent changes in how your instance is administered, workflows are managed, and new technologies are integrated can be taxing. Our Quality Assurance professionals can provide relief while you focus on other aspects. Our Workday QA testing teams validate the changes in all your Workday instances and integrations to eliminate risk and guarantee security. Our QA expertise lies in efficiently carrying out end-to-end testing that ensures lasting success of your business.

    MindsMapped offers a broad range of Workday testing services which include:

    Workday manual and automated testing

    Workday functional testing comprising of unit and process testing

    Workday security testing

    Tool evaluation and cloud-readiness testing before the Workday implementation

    Role based testing for ensuring compatibility with the organizational profile policies

    Regulatory compliance validation

    Cross browser compatibility testing

    Identification of potential bottlenecks and roadblocks while ensuring consistency of data

    API testing for integrated 3rd party applications

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