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    Robotic Process Automation

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) removes the “robot” from human tasks. Workers typically have routine, repetitive activities in their day-to-day work; activities that don’t involve creative-thinking or problem solving but are simple sequence types of actions. These are vital tasks, but ones that can be done by computerized systems. RPA frees up workers to do what they do best such as applying reason, judgment, or interacting with customers.

    Consistent, repeatable results allow for organizational scaling. RPA is the foundation of predictable, successful growth. As businesses have moved into the Computer and Information Ages, the ones expanding fast have embraced robotic automation and software solutions.

    RPA Consulting and CoE Services

    Whether you want to automate a few simple tasks or drive total business transformation, RPA is a BPM tool that can help drive meaningful cost-saving change across an enterprise. Our assessments identify the business processes that will give you the highest ROI. MindsMapped is a RPA consulting partner that helps you go from RPA pilot to enterprise scale on your journey to automation.

    With our deep business process, operations, and industry expertise, we drive returns in a way others can’t. Our partners include RPA-industry leaders, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, and UiPath. Our expertise covers deploying bots in a variety of client environments, automating processes across systems, and scaling your digital workforce across your organization and business units.

    MindsMapped can also help establish world-class centers of excellence (CoE) by assessing your processes, and then designing and setting up your infrastructure, pilots, and governance model.

    We work with clients on best practices in setting up their RPA and Center of Expertise (CoE). Our team is certified in various Intelligent Automation products.

    Process Suitability Assessment

    PoC/ Pilot

    CoE Design

    Bot Development

    Bot Deployment

    Bot Control Dashboard

    RPA Training

    Change Management

    RPA Implementation Services

    RPA implementation requires a strategic approach and profound experience to drive the desired results – it could be complex, time-consuming, ineffective and expensive for an organization with no prior experience. MindsMapped is a dedicated RPA implementation partner with deep industry knowledge and expertise to deliver transformative solutions for your unique Automation needs. Also, we leverage our legendary On Demand Service model to deliver high-quality RPA implementation services quickly and cost-effectively, at minimal risk to our clients.

    Our implementation experts are equipped with backend industry acumen to analyze your business processes, and install a fully customized RPA Dashboard. At MindsMapped, our Robotic Process Automation Assessment and Roadmap offers our clients a clear, structured framework with which to launch a successful RPA journey and set expectations.  This ensures the technology is integrated well within the existing systems and business operations and empowers your business to be future-ready with dynamic adjustment of processes along your automation journey.

    RPA Developers

    You have access to our comprehensive team at one low cost. Business architects, RPA developers, Intelligent Automation lead and managers will ensure your processes are working flawlessly for you. A RPA Consultant can work for you directly onsite or from our location based on your requirement.

    Get a Certified Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere or UiPath Consultant on your team with the entire expert team’s backing. All time tracked with full transparency, on digital timesheets. Can set monthly or weekly maximums for budgeting purposes.

    Billing by the hour

    $150 / hr, pay as you go, for Certified RPA Consultants

    Our experienced RPA Consultants provide deep architectural and bot implementation knowledge in solution design, development, information architecture, testing and support. As the key RPA strategic partner, we assist our clients with program inception, program management, organizational change management, change control, iteration planning/management, process and requirements definition, RPA implementation, systems integration, Quality Assurance Testing, CoE and operating model set up.

    Risk and Change Management

    Implementing RPA means integrating people and machines. This requires developing a new operating DNA through change management to help your people adapt to a digital workforce. We help get your employees ready to manage and work alongside bots using a thoughtful, nuanced strategy that successfully prepares an adaptive workforce and lowers risk.

    RPA Testing and Quality Assurance

    Allow MindsMapped RPA Quality Assurance professionals to remove the quirks and mitigate risk. Our highly-qualified QA testing team will ensure that your Bots deliver the right value to your users.

    Keep Your Bots Bug-Free and Attain Higher Operational Competence

    Companies Wanting Bug-Free Operations

    Coping with frequent changes in how your instance is administered, workflows are managed, and new technologies are integrated can be taxing. Our Quality Assurance professionals can provide relief while you focus on other aspects. Our RPA QA testing teams validate the changes in all your bots and integrations to eliminate risk and guarantee security. Our QA expertise lies in efficiently carrying out for end-to-end testing that ensures lasting success of your business.

    MindsMapped offers a broad range of RPA Bot testing services which include:

    RPA functional testing comprising of unit and process testing

    RPA security testing

    Role based testing for ensuring compatibility with the organizational profile policies

    Regulatory compliance validation

    Cross browser compatibility testing

    Identification of potential bottlenecks and roadblocks while ensuring consistency of data

    API testing for integrated 3rd party applications

    Domain Expertise







    System Integration

    Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

    Energy & Utilities

    Logistics & Data Warehousing

    Banks & Finance


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