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    Quality Assurance (QA) Specialists

    We are all aware that defective softwares can ruin a company’s reputation and affect revenues in the long-term. Therefore, a thorough Quality Assurance (QA) testing is vital to the success of any product and in turn the organization.

    The most effective way to ensure the quality of code is to separate software development from Quality Assurance. Independence of quality is key here. An effective way to do this is to allow the in-house software development team to focus on development (restricting themselves only to unit testing) and outsource Quality Assurance / Software Testing  to a company that has the relevant skills, knowledge, expertise and experience to troubleshoot problems and ensures quality.

    At MindsMapped, we offer you all the benefits of automated testing: greater test coverage, improved accuracy, real-world testing, improved team productivity, faster market time, and finally, happy and satisfied clients. Our team of test engineers and domain experts function as an extension of your in-house team to resolve any problem in your software. Above all, ‘independence of quality’ is ingrained in our DNA and applies this philosophy to all our projects. Our test automation specialists will implement the appropriate automation solutions for your business for the benefit of quality.

    testing ROI while improving test effectiveness and maintainability

    Our QA Expertise:

    Quality Assurance (QA) Software Testing Outsourcing

    Quality Assurance (QA) outsourcing to a professional software testing company is one of the smartest decisions for a business – possibly a business game changer. Placing trust of Quality Assurance  to an expert QA software testing company, accelerates the software development process and enhances efficiency, effectiveness, and maintains objectivity. Third party Quality Assurance (QA) outsourcing also reduces costs significantly – in fact, a Quality Assurance specialist company would cost less than hiring in-house experts.

    Outsourcing, in this case, means implementation of the testing stage by a third party company. Selecting the right vendor of software testing and quality assurance services is a key to success of the elaborated system on the market. MindsMapped guarantees an excellent QA software testing team and high-quality result for your business projects.

    Quality Assurance (QA) Software Testing Services

    MindsMapped is a software quality assurance specialist that offers a broad range of QA Software testing services which include:

    Functional Testing

    Performance Testing

    Security Testing

    Mobile Testing

    Test Automation

    Full Lifecycle Testing

    Regulatory Compliance Testing

    Cross Browser Compatibility Testing

    API Testing

    Temp Quality Assurance (QA) Software Test Engineers for your Projects

    A QA tester can work for you directly onsite or from our location based on your project requirements. Get Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers in your team on a temporary basis to solve your project needs. All time tracked with full transparency, on digital timesheets. Can set monthly or weekly maximums for budgeting purposes.

    Flexible Collaboration


    We run software testing remptely out of the a1qa offices


    We combine remote and on-site teams for 100% project support


    We come to your facilities for improved project integration

    Billing by the hour.

    From $100 / hr, pay as you go, for Quality Assurance Engineers

    Our Quality Assurance specialists skills span different tools such as HP ALM (Quality Center), Microsoft Visual Studio, as well as other products for both web (Selenium, SmartBear), mobile automation testing (Appium, AWS, Mobile Labs, Xamarin,) API testing tools such as SoapUI and Postman, and load testing tools including LoadRunner and JMeter. Our experienced Quality Assurance (QA) testers have experience across various verticals such as Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, E-Commerce, Health and Pharmaceuticals, Energy and Utilities, Logistics and Data Warehousing, Legal, Gaming, and other domains.

    Domain Expertise







    System Integration

    Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

    Energy & Utilities

    Logistics & Data Warehousing

    Banks & Finance


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