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    Cyber Security Consulting Services

    In today’s world, as our technology continues to explode with complexity, the threats of compromise from attackers continue to increase. The focus on cybersecurity is increasing rapidly because of the disruptive security breaches that are caused by well trained adversaries.

    At MindsMapped we believe, understanding of your preventive & reactive cyber security controls and mapping with the total realm of possibilities from adversary perspective is the key to defend your most critical cyber space. Whether assessing your cyber maturity level, driving your security program, investigating vulnerabilities, testing for external and internal threats, we deliver the capabilities you need for information security and assurance.

    We offer CyberSecurity consulting and service offerings with deep cyber security expertise to help your organization to identify, mitigate risk in the continuous evolving threat and regulatory compliance landscape eventually to improve your security posture.

    Cyber Maturity Assessments:

    We perform cyber security maturity assessments and benchmarking to understand your security posture.The assessment provides the flexibility to evaluate the level of cyber maturity on a site by site basis or at a company level.

    Our assessments help you to benchmark your security posture and recommendation of best practices.

    Cyber Risk and Compliance:

    We help you effectively manage compliance with organisational policies and industry-specific and regulatory requirements. Our services include:

    Industry-specific security compliance assessment (GDPR, PCI-DSS, H4 HIPPA, ISO27001)

    Business Continuity Management Services

    Third-Party Vendor Security Governance

    Transformation & Integration Services




    Our trained and experienced cybersecurity engineers can help you in your transformation and integration journey. We have delivered major projects across multiple technology stacks for Infrastructure and Cloud Security, Identity and Access Management, GRC, Application Security and Cyber Operations functions with access to all major and cutting-edge cybersecurity technology vendors. Partnering and Successful Delivery of your transformation/integration projects is our major strength.

    CyberOps - Managed Services

    Defend your organization with managed security services to detect threats early and help minimize the impact of a breach. Most organizations cannot detect intrusions, however over the last few years, things are improving as more organizations have begun to take a strategic approach of engaging the experts in hunting the threats. In multiple reports between 2011 & 2018, it has been detailed that organizations cannot detect intrusions themselves. The battle in cyberspace cannot be won with weak cyber security controls.

    Recently, there has been a dramatic increase in the sophisticated attacks against organizations and adversaries are getting better and it is very important that we counter them with deep technical expertise and multi layer defense. Our managed services will provide the required skills to combat and seamless service to defend your organization against adversaries.

    We offer the following services:

    Managed security operations center with 24×7 monitoring to detect threats to your organization.

    Cyber threat intelligence services with curated feeds to defend against cyber criminals and APT groups.

    Operational administration of your network and endpoint security tools.

    Centralized access management for the applications and networks.

    Risk based vulnerability management program and penetration testing for early discovery of vulnerabilities and threats. We also conduct policy compliance and configuration assessment scans.

    Static & Dynamic assessment of your applications in accordance with OWASP and SANS guidelines

    Domain Expertise:






    System Integration

    Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

    Energy & Utilities

    Logistics & Data Warehousing

    Banks & Finance


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