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    CRM Consulting and Implementation

    The importance of customer relationship management can never be over-emphasized in today’s highly competitive and dynamic business environment. Businesses engaging their customers through better customer relationship management can not only induce loyalty among their current customer base but also provide strength to their sales force in market development through the broadening of the customer base. It also helps businesses to re-engage themselves with their former customers as well. Hence allowing a business to expect steady and sustainable growth of their top line and keep their customer loyal, especially in a business environment where product and service differentiation fades away rather quickly.

    MindsMapped is a CRM  consulting service provider and implementation partner in the market helping to bring a transformational change for companies. AS a CRM consulting services provider, MindsMapped encapsulates end to end solutions of customer relationship management, which includes consulting in CRM software selection, CRM implementation, dedicated CRM consultants who look after key accounts, CRM training divided into different segments targeting customers in each phase of the implementation life cycle, standard and also customized software packages for CRM to medium as well as small businesses.

    Through CRM consulting services, MindsMapped helps businesses boost customer satisfaction, improve customer retention and hence revenues, minimize information asymmetry prevailing within organizations that result in better communications as well as cross-functional integrity and creates a synergy within different functions of an organization. MindsMapped helps business optimize their marketing efforts by enabling them to analyze customer data to identify different segments and make targeted marketing efforts towards each segment instead of employing “one for all” marketing effort.

    CRM Software Selection

    Selecting the right CRM software for business is the stepping stone for steering business operations in the right direction. A significant number of failures in the implementation of CRM software can be directly attributed to the wrong selection of software. With its end to end CRM consulting services, MindsMapped provides consulting services from the very start of this journey towards centering the business on CRM software.

    There are a huge variety and options for businesses to choose from the specifics of CRM software. MindMapped guides its customer and works closely to bring these options into consideration while selecting the right software package and supporting specifications which include, but not limited to

    1. Industry, size of organization and type of customer base:

      MindsMapped’s CRM consultant’s walk their customer through a series of considerations which enables them to select the right package for their business. The key to making the right choice is understanding that there is no “best package” and “one does not fit all”. Business changes according to the industry in which business operates, size of the organization, and whether the business majorly deals in Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Customer (B2C) regime.

    2.  A clear statement of requirement and Purpose:

      Another area that sets the tone for the organization and is of primary and vital importance is a clear statement of Purpose, requirements of business and intended results which are expected from the software package. MindsMapped’s CRM consultant team is comprised of seasoned professional and functional area experts who help business managers navigate through these questions and concerns and come up with the best solution to serve these requirements.

    3. Consider User Friendliness:

      While bringing considerations of the right fit for the business after considering the type, size and requirements of the organizations, another dimension in which is highly prioritized and practiced by CRM consultant is keeping the element of user-friendliness on the radar. Our CRM consultants ensure that business adopts software packages according to the skill set of the sales which and business managers who will be the ultimate end users and will need to interact with the software for their daily operations and tasks.

    4. Cloud v/s On-Premise:

      Deciding between Cloud vs on-premise solutions has its operational and financial implications and must be greatly emphasized while selecting a software. The decision is derived from a multitude of parameters such as variations in the geographical location of the sales team and the presence of business in multiple states and countries. MindsMapped’s CRM consultants bring their vast experiences and functional area expertise to help business and customers at a decision point which provides optimum balance between operational flexibility, risks to data and cost to the business.

    5. Accessibility:

      Our CRM consultants ensure the application for which businesses opt to provide a great deal of accessibility as the end-users, i.e. sales teams and business managers need the customer history, purchase orders, seasonality of the data and other relevant insights on-the-go. Having a CRM software which integrates accessibility and friendliness with portable devices such as smartphone and tablets is a powerful tool for the sales teams and can greatly enhance their productivity and efficiency.

    CRM Software Implementation

    While the decisions and reflections about the selection of CRM software are practiced behind closed doors, and a small number of individuals are involved in this process. But the implementation of CRM software, be it in a couple of departments or across the organization, needs very well-coordinated, planned and cross-functional efforts. To make it a success and have the buy-in of employee’s, i.e. sales teams and business managers for true utilization is a challenging task and has haunted business managers for quite some time.

    Without tight coordination, planning and cross-functional integrated efforts, the whole program and/or implementation fail badly resulting in both operational in-efficiencies and financial loss to the company. With MindsMapped’s CRM consultants in picture, business managers are closely advised and guided for effective implementation and to timely address the issues and causes which contribute to failures.

    1. Change Management Plan:

      Implementation of CRM software in the business is a change management process and desperately needs to be taken care of as one. With MindsMapped’s CRM consultants, CRM implementation is not treated as the only incorporation of technology and software in the business but is processed and executed like a change management process. MindsMapped’s CRM consultants bring their functional area expertise and vast experience along with business acumen to make and follow the right plan for such change management processes.

    2. CRM Implementation Team:

      As CRM implementation is a cross-functional subject, thus MindMapped’s CRM consultants always emphasize on assembling a cross-functional team for implementation of CRM from the organization. Teams should include a member who represents different layers of the hierarchy in the organization and also represents different teams such as sales managers and their team, marketing managers and their team, project manager, and customer representatives. CRM consultants of MindsMapped engage with representatives of the organization to help smooth implementation and inclusion of new practices into the business processes.

    3. Identification of business area for implementation:

      CRM consultants of MindsMapped spend a great deal of time helping the business manager identify the areas of the business which need CRM implementation and the results which the business managers are expecting from CRM implementation. The ideas of business managers are handled with utmost care and professionalism by the CRM implementation team headed by CRM consultant to convert those ideas into a business process application.

    4. Implementation Road Map:

      With MindMapped CRM consultants, a comprehensive road map for CRM implementation is stressed to estimate human resources, budget, and timelines beforehand. CRM implementation under the CRM consultant services of MindMapped is carried out with great care and professionalism. CRM implementation plan will help the organization keep track of the resources, budget, and timelines during the execution as well. CRM implementation plan includes identification of data that needs to be migrated to the new system and also take into consideration the tools required for further integration.

    5. Performance Measurement:

      The effectiveness of CRM implementation is closely monitored by CRM consultants of MindsMapped and routinely communicated to the business manager through carefully crafted Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Industry’s best practices are employed by CRM consultants of MindsMapped to formulate the objectives of CRM implementation and establish KPIs in the initial phases of implementation and later monitored to gauge the and effectiveness and success of CRM implementation. The integrity of data during data migration is one of the most important concerns of customers and is careful addresses by CRM consultants during the implementation phase.

    CRM Customization:

    With our ever-growing customer base which handles both Businesses to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) costumers, it is understood by MindsMapped that the existence of the best CRM software package is merely a thought and fantasy. There are a lot of times when the functionalities and features required by a business are not fulfilled by a standard off-the-shelf CRM software package. Sometimes the business process and workflow of an organization can’t be mapped completely on a standard CRM software package and needs customization to fulfill the suitability and mapping according to the business process and workflow. At MindsMapped, our CRM consultants and the team is well prepared and trained to carry out a gap analysis, in this gap analysis, MindMaped works closely to understand business operations, processes, and workflows by engaging business managers. After careful study, the CRM consultant of MindsMapped make customized changes in standard software package to map the workflows and business processes.

    CRM consultants of MindsMapped lead a team of seasoned and qualified developers which can make changes to standard CRM software packages to build rich functionalities. These functionalities can be tailored according to the business process ranging from the businesses of hotels, banking, telecommunication services, internet service providers, high-end fashion apparel, automotive, transportation, tourism and finance, and insurance. MindsMapped has been able to attract and recruit experts of CRM customization into its ranks and is fully prepared to provide end to solutions in customizable CRM software as well.

    CRM Training:

    At MindsMapped we have understood that Customer Relation Management (CRM) software such as SalesForce and MS Dynamics have brought a transformational change in how the relationship with customers is managed by businesses. To complete the successful CRM implementation, our CRM consultants have built a comprehensive training plan. MindsMapped has also established that the training needs of a function head is far different from the training needs of a sales executive or a sales team manager.  So the training plans include tailor-made training for different levels of employees of an organization.

    Our Consultants possesses exceptional functional area expertise and have the right skill set to lead comprehensive training programs. Our technical training experts have hands-on experience in SalesForce and MS Dynamics CRM’s.

    User Training is considered the final phase of implementation of CRM and businesses need to be cautious and attentive at this stage to reap the maximum benefit of the whole CRM implementation project.

    We at MindsMapped dedicate serious efforts to communicate to our customers that proper training will increase the rate at which the workforce adopts and includes the use of CRM software in their daily business activities. Such higher rates of adoption contribute towards higher chances of success of CRM implementation which will result in increased productivity and efficiency and achievement of the ultimate business goal of customer satisfaction and retention. In addition to this, comprehensive and hands-on training delivered to all levels of organization helps customers identify loopholes and discover a problem with the CRM implementation or any functionality which can be better customized to rightly suit the business process and workflow. It is of great importance that such issues and problems are identified and corrected during the initial phases of implementation and roll out. As it becomes difficult to address such issues when the CRM implementation is completed and business processes are aligned with functionalities.

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