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    AI/ML Consultants and Partners


    1. Machine Language
    2. Chat Bot
    3. Robotics / IoT
    4. Analytics
    5. Automation

    Machine Language - Computer Vision:

    1. Face Detection – The detection and Recognition of face which works on State-of- the-Art Technology from surveillance camera or from a video file or an image to recognize a person
    2. Traffic Violation – The vehicle identification and detection of traffic violations like crossing line on signals can done by computer vision and machine learning with help of road side cameras or video file
    3. Face Clustering – The segregation of individual faces using face detection from a pile of Images from a folder and each persons images will be separated and stored on different folder
    4. OCR – Optical Character Recognition for reading the characters from images  like number plate, stop signs, paper, etc.
    5. People Counting – To count the number of people going In & Out from a building or a room and report the number of persons inside.
    6. Show Me – The master class project combined with Face Detection, OCR & object detection could give the 3rd EYE FOR PEOPLE which can be used by visually impaired, criminal detection etc.

    Chat Bot:

    1. Travigo – automated ticket booking for passengers
    2. Show Me –  users get information and response from machine
    3. Personal Assistant – Small talk

    Robotics / Internet of Things:

    1. Line follower Robot – follows the rail of lines marked on floor like railways
    2. Obstacle detection – manages to pass the obstacle on the way where vehicle moves
    3. Rail Coffee – the machine travels on rail of lines and use obstacle clearance to deliver a thing like coffee/Tea/Documents
    4. Robotic Arm – To perform the routine recorded tasks by machine


    1. Data Science – Capturing data from various source
    2. Data Engineering – Replication, Sharing of data and user administered
    3. Data Analytics – Various analysis performed on given data that can be predicted or forecasting
    4. Data Visualization – Visualize Data on various from Charts, graphs, metrics, etc.


    1. Smart home – Automated household electronics, door, lawn maintenance, etc.
    2. Smart building – Automated parking garage, lift operation, scheduling conference rooms, temperature inside building, etc.
    3. Backend Automation – automated query building
    4. Front end – Sketch to code

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    System Integration

    Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

    Energy & Utilities

    Logistics & Data Warehousing

    Banks & Finance


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